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History of Karkan


Geographical situation:

Karkan located in a plain region and it is beside Kapurchal-Abkenar road. It have a 85 years old NASAGH( nasagh mean a law To agriculture For cultivation on land owned by another); part 7 of Anzali ‘s suburb; stone 6 and its Distance from KapurChal is 7 KM and from Anzali is 27 KM.
North of karkan is a lagoon; on the South limited to forest; on the east limited to Khamiran; And on the west limited to Siahkhalsar. “kargan Rudbar” river come from “HaftKhanan” region; that Dividing Karkan into two parts named Landlord and Yeoman . Eastern lands belonging to Late “Taghi Karkani ” and late “Mohammad Khadivar” and Western lands belonging to Yeomanry and farmers that More details will be given later in this topic.
Rabino (1991 A.D.- 1290 solar) writed:
Karkan is a river that come from forest. ChapRud have 3 part named ShilehSar- Kachalak – SafKhaleh that go to lagoon and in tax Viewpoint is Part of AbKenar that its tax was 40/372 qiran and its allegiance Has been for GillDulab village.


Karkan’s Appellation:
Saied Mr. Haj Hasan Asadi Karkani( 66 years old, a retired employee of the Post and Telegraph; that is one of old family in Karkan): ( I heard from that he is a old man-75 years old- that the real name of here is “Karkan” and it one of the main centers of poultry farming in the past. Chicken in original language is “kork” and when Gathered it close Becomes “Karkan”. That due to pronounced effect Over time it has becomes to “Kargan”).
According to ((Rabino)) text; It is noticeable that the village is part of the Talesh ; and KarganRud was center of Tavalesh and new HashtBar was beside it.
Is it not possible that Karkan village takes its name from the Karkan river? (that Originated from Talesh and passed from middle of mentioned Village)


Karkan’s Dating:
Before migration the families of Ashtaran and many surrounding villages in about a hundred years ago to Kakan; On the east side of the river; fathers of farmers(Late “Taghi Karkani ” and late “Mohammad Khadivar”) had House and stack; then; Antiquity of Karkan be considered more than one hundred years. Considering that this village has been Abkenar way.
A bout this matter “RamezanAli Karkani” Retired employee of Education says:
(Mashhadi Mirza Taghi; was one of Anzali famous brand that Incoming immigrants from Russia; Addition trade in Anzali; Bought Karkan’s land from Abkenaries and farming there. After he late HajiAgha and after ;his son – late Tghi Karkani- be a Shoemaker in Anzali. Then he go to Karkan and farm on Freehold lands.)
According to RamezanAli Karkani words; his grandfather (Mirza Taghi) go to Anzali and Bought Karkan lands; after iran- Russia war(1828 A.D.).
That here Confirmed the words of Mr Hasan Asadi.
As a result, according to the Haj Hasan Asadi:
In easten part of Karkan river; that there were Arable lands(Belongs to late Khadivar and late Taghi karkani) ; and Lands inherited from their fathers and They were cousin That After the death of fathe Have divided the land among themselves. Although They were living in Anzali; but The subjects were in the land and worked for them and They were built house for subjects. But in easten part of Karkan river; lands belong to Abkenar owners that were Wasteland then The number of Ashtarkan households due to pressure of ZarghamAlSaltaneh Soldiers (Governor of TaleshDulab) Have moved around and some of them; go to Kakan.
In page 119 of Iran Daralmrz Provinces writed that : (ZarghamAlSaltaneh 1865 A.D. ; 1244 solar; was Governor of TaleshDulab) and he was in same place until 1300 solar.


Primary groups:

Late  Taghi Karkani landlord of Karkan

Late “Taghi Karkani”; landlord of Karkan

Considering what happened (According to RamzanAli Karkani’s word) ; late Mashhadi Mirza Taghi Came Together with his cousin(late Nemat) from Russia; that had one son(Haji Agha) and one girl(Wife of late SadrolOlama).
Mashhadi Haji Agha had two son (Taghi Karkani and GolAgha) and one girl.
Taghi had six son(Bijan – AliAsghar – Ramazan – Jafar – Mahmoud – Farokh) and one girl.
Nemat(Cousin of Mashhadi Mirza Taghi) had two son: Mohammad Khadivar And Ali Kuhkan.
Mr.Haj Hasan Asadi saied:
(These are the oldest families in Karkan: late SeifAli Seifpur; Haj Agha Shakuri; late ShirinAli Farahbakhsh; late Mirza Hosein Asadi; Mr.Morteza Bahari; late Amanolah Ahmari and SabzAli Mohammadi . that this persons came from “Khamiran”. Late Rahmat Ghanbarnejad-came from Behambar- ; Mohammd Rahimi and Mashhadi ashur Ashuri; Ghdir Mokhtari; Fezolah Lotfi; Ezatolah Lotfi and some other families come to Karkan and Extended their families.


Population; According to official census:
in solar 1335; 467 person: 230 man;337 woman
in solar 1345; 506 person: 245 man;261 woman in 95 families
in solar 1355; 586 person: 279 man;307 woman in 108 families
in solar 1365; 687 person; in 136 families that 355 of them were Literate.


According to Statistics in 1366 Solar ;By Anzali’s Agriculture Department ; Through local informants About two villages Karkan and Ashtarkan; Prepared Report as follows:
The area of the village is 7 km2 ; 5/209 hectares for rice growing ((Ashtarkan 45 acres – Karkan 5/164 acres)); Seifi works 28 hectares – half acre Olericulture – Beans 7 acre- Fruit garden half acre.
۱۵۰۰ head of cattle; 700 head of calves; 16 head of horse; 20 head of bison ; 2800 pieces of Poultry;
۲۲ tiler ; 4 water pumps; 9 thresher; 1 device for Rice mill.
Karkan have one Permanent rivers and one seasonal river and According to the Department of silkworm In 1367 Solar; 52 Farmer in karkan; produce Cocoons with 93 boxes of silkworm eggs(2790 kg).


Schools: In 1341 Solar constructed Newly school boys. According to Statistics in 1368 Solar ; had a complex school named “Shahid Mofateh” with 5 classes; 113 students and 7 teachers.


clinic: Karkan haven’t clinic.


Bathroom: After the Islamic Revolution;
A multi-grade bathroom Constructed By Construction Jihad And until 1367 not used.


Mosque: According to Mr. Haj Hasan Asadi: The mosque is located in the village cemetery area and about 50 years ago ((1318 solar)) was constructed. The founders of the mosque were ShirinAli FarahBakhsh – late Hosei Asadi and Mr.Morteza Bahari. Mr. Taghi Karkani Entrusted Land of mosque And financially helped people. The walls of the mosque, has been brick And has been covered with “gali pushi”. And because it was small; About 1352 solar; mosque completely Rebuilt. The area is approximately 12 x 30 meters, or a little more. At the beginning the construction of this mosque is located on the east side of the river.


Cemetery: the village have one cemetery. At the beginning creation of the settlements is in the East of River, and the mosque was built in its area.


mosque karkan


No shrine or tomb. [Martyr missing is Mosayeb Fallah Karkan; Akbar Fallah’s son]


Martyr missing is Mosayeb Fallah Karkan


phone: Have Telephone exchange and post. & cod phone : 013 – 4456 – – – –


Utilities: a semi-deep wells struck in the village And water supplied from Steel supply air And piped. electric power facility from Power grid of Anzali.


Economic areas:
۳ grocery store – ۲ Coffee shop – ۱ butchering – ۱ Fancy – A bicycle repair shop – 1 baking (old time  people buy bread from nearby village). [ 1 Agricultural machinery and welding repair shop – ۱ bakery – ۱ Veterinary – ۲ Livestock – ۲ hairdresser for men – ۱ tailor – 1 phone Agency]


The village has a large swimming pool named “Marghub”. Mr. Ghorban Rahimi Saied: here at the first was a Pond and then people changed it to a swimming pool. Mr. Haj Mosa Rezaee Approved his words about swimming pool.


swimming Marghub karkan


said “Mr. Manouchehr sinama”; Anzali Irrigation Head:
(The pool is probably the largest pool of Guilan and perhaps Iran. Because the area is 500 acres.And from the distant past tree are grown ((alder)) trees. And alder trees are also grown there. In winter there are lots of birds come down And of course with hunting regulations.)
Said “Mr. Einollah Ghanbar Nejad”; Retired Police and the old people of Karkan:
(between Marghub pull and Visha river is a springhead named “Ghebleh Ab”. in the past people try that inverse path of it to north; but they could not. Its water is Fresh And its place is in front of the houses of the village that After the crossing, go to lagoon and is Usable for Paddies.) Being Treasure and other Mysteries are about this Fountain; That we don’t consider them.


Source: “History of Anzali”; pages 847-853. By “Aziz Tavili”; with Slightly distortion.

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